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Lesson 4: Learn to sit more comfortably

Sit on the forward edge of your chair.

Place your feet squarely on the floor, a little distance apart.

The IDEAL WAY to sit is so that all your angles are all at 90 degrees. If your thighs and knees aren't, then the chair is too high ... if your trunk and thighs aren't, then the chair is too low ...

As always ... scan yourself. How is your breathing?

  • Deep?
  • Shallow?
  • Fast?
  • Slow?
  • Where?

What is your neck like today?

  • Tight, soft, oiled?
  • Look down.
  • Look up.
  • Look to the right.
  • Look to the left.
  • Sense your face.

How are you sitting?

How are your eyes?

Now slowly, slowly let your head sink down as far as is comfortable for you ...

... and then bring your head back to place.

Continue to do this movement ... many times ...

Each time your head is down, pause a little and notice what you can see and how you feel.

Each time your head is back up also pause a little and notice what you can see and how you feel.

And rest for a moment, sitting back in your chair.

See whether anything has changed since you started to look down.

As you know, this is the most important thing in these lessons!

  • Is your breathing the same?
  • Your neck?
  • The way you look up or down?
  • The way you look left or right?

Come back to the front edge of your chair.

This time, tilt your pelvis backwards and then, gently forwards.

Do this many times.

When you tilt your pelvis backwards, it is as though you roll slowly over your tailbone ... towards your sacrum.

And when you tilt your pelvis forward bring it towards your pubic bone.

Continue to roll your pelvis slowly forwards and backwards.

  • When do you feel small?
  • When do you feel tall?

And as you tilt your pelvis forwards and backwards, do you feel any movement anywhere else in your body?

  • When does your head want to go down?
  • When does your head want to go up?

Rest again and check: is there anything which is better in the way you are sitting?

The pelvis is like a submarine ... the head like its periscope.

Now tilt your pelvis back again, and at the same time let your head sink down. Let your back be round.

With your pelvis tilted backward and your head down, and your back rounded ...

Look up ... look down
Look to the right ... look to the left ...

What can you see? How does it feel?

Move up ...

... and tilt your pelvis forward, hold your head up ...

... look up ... look down ...

... look left ... look right ...

Can you see more now?

Tilt your pelvis backwards - and let your head sink down - and your back be round.

Tilt your pelvis forward towards your pubic bone - your eyes can scan the horizon.

And as you continue to do this THINK: when do you breathe in ... when do you breathe out?

Place your hand gently onto your breast bone (which starts where your collar bones meet) and follow its movment, whilst you roll your pelvis forwards and backwards.

Notice also: where do your eyes want to go as you continue to roll your pelvis.

And rest ... sit back in your chair ... and scan

  • Look up, look down, look right, look left.
  • How are you sitting now?
  • Has anything changed in your breathing?
  • How are your eyes?

When you sit now, do you sense that you own your very own sitting bones?

Enjoy how freely you can sit and how much easier it is to use your keyboard!

Thank you for doing this lesson! You will see that it pays off! Slowly you will discover that there is much, much more to these movements, questions and, your answers to the questions. The simplicity of it is deceptive! You will be amazed at the changes that will take place. In more ways than one. VISIT THIS SITE OFTEN!

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